Read What Our Customers Are Saying

"I had to see it to believe it. First, I couldn’t believe the difference in haircoat. I could tell it was working when my horse dappled up. I’ve been using it for 3 years now on every horse I have. I have told everyone I know about it. It’s really great stuff. I had a shabby looking horse that didn’t feel the best. It was an older mare. I treated her and her parasite test came back negative. That was in 2018 and I’ve treated her periodically since then. So far she has always tested negative."

Ben Detwieler, Ohio

"I’m a trainer and I treated one of the horses I was working with. When I was working him in the round pen, he stopped and passed a whole bunch of bot fly larva. Now I treat every horse that comes to me."

Will Slabaugh, Kentucky

"I started using the product for a daily treatment. After about 30 days I had a fair shaped horse pass a 6 inch worm one night and then the next morning pass another 8 inch worm."

Matt Miller, Pennsylvania

"I wasn’t really a believer in the product, but my neighbor suggested I use it. I had just dewormed all my horses with regular wormer and decided to try it out 30 days after that. On about the 4th day of the treatment I had some colts pass a ton of parasites. I was really impressed. I recommend this product."

Marvin Miller, Ohio

"I had a rough looking horse and I saw lots of parasites come out on the 4th day. I have a whitetail deer herd in PA that tested positive for small strongyles and round worms. I treated them and came back to retest. They all came back negative for parasites."

Andrew Miller, Pennsylvania

"Fed to one of my goats that did not look healthy at all. On the fourth day after using the Natural Horse Wormer she started passing worms and kept passing worms for five days straight. Wow!"

Loyal Customer, Canada

"I treated my horse who was always rubbing his tail. After six days of feeding the Natural Horse Wormer he quite rubbing."

Horse owner, Michigan

"I fed Natural Horse Wormer to my horse that always has bad feet. He passed worms. I gave him two doses for 1 month straight. Eight weeks later my farrier asked me what I did. He could see a difference in my horse’s feet. Awesome product!"

Thrilled customer, Illinois

"Natural Horse Wormer makes my old horse act young again! Thank you!"

Happy customer, New York

"My horse was on the Natural Horse Wormer for one week. Was driving him when he had to… He passed a tennis ball-sized mixture of worms! Pretty disgusting. Product works!"

Horse owner, Pennsylvania

"I have five broodmares. I treated them all with one dose of the natural horse wormer. They all dappled, even the eighteen-year-old. WOW!"

Natural Horse Wormer user, Ohio

Had two horses with scratches. I fed them the Natural Horse Wormer to deworm them and after the first dose scratches cleared up and "haven’t had any since."

Happy customer, New York

"Had a pony that has coughed for as long as I can remember. After one dose of the Natural Horse Wormer he quit coughing and hasn’t coughed since!"

JB, Ohio

"Fed the product to a pot-bellied Dutch stallion. After one dose he looked completely different! No gut, rich color hair coat. Very impressed!"

M.Y., Iowa

"I fed to my broodmare band which usually bleach in mid-summer. None of my mares bleached after using the Natural Horse Wormer. Amazing product!"

Horse breeder, Missouri

"I treated two of my horses that I had just dewormed with Tubewormer. Was not happy. No results. Fed the Natural Horse Wormer… Saw results on day five until the end of two weeks. Thank you!"

Happy customer, Indiana

"I treated my broodmare that just had a colt, about 6 weeks old. Both mare and colt did not look healthy. Colt would not eat much at a time. I started them immediately on the Natural Horse Wormer. The mare started perking up within a week and the colt started to come around as well. Gave mare two doses and what a difference! Thank you!"

Happy customer, Wisconsin

"Have used the product for close to a year now. Wow is all I can say! I have seen show horses that don’t look this good. Hair, coat, and toning are amazing." - Epic EQ

L.S., Ohio

"I have used the Natural Horse Wormer on my weanlings & yearlings. Weanlings looked terrific while on the product. Never set them back at all. Some weanlings also passed worms while on the product. Love it!"

Loyal customer, Ohio

"My horses and pony have not looked this good in years!"

Happy customer, Pennsylvania

"I gave this to my old horse who was always stiff and slow starting off. After one week started seeing results. I kept him on the Natural Horse Wormer for a month. My old horse looks and acts five years younger. Wow!"

JY, Ohio

"Had a yearling that did not shed out. On the 6th day on the Natural Horse Wormer I came out to the barn and my yearling had completely shed out."

HB, Michigan

"I started using Natural Horse Wormer a couple months ago on about 8 horses. I had one start showing signs of strangles. I doubled the dose and the lumps under the jaw started going down. They completely disappeared. I don’t know, but I think it was the wormer. Everyone else is looking great."

Jens, Texas

"My 3-yr-olds have started shedding off a lot better this spring. I can’t wait to see the long term results. Thanks so much."

A.S., Texas

"My 6 year old mare I got when she was 4. She always looked a little unhealthy. No matter what I did with her feed, she still wasn’t quite right. She always had a rubbed out tail, too. Even when I wormed her every month. This spring I treated her twice so far and she looks heavy and shiny now. Her tail has even started to grow back and her hooves look better. It just took a little time for the damage to repair inside. I will always use this product."

CH, Texas

"Using the Epic EQ really helped my late 3 year old catch up this spring. Thank you!"

Jamie, Oklahoma

"I love the hoof oil! I never liked using the ones with the brush. It was always a gooey mess. This is so easy and my horses all have healthy hooves now. My farrier is even impressed."

Jason, Texas

"I needed a natural option for my goats. I sell organic goat cheese and treating them has made a huge difference. I just wait a week after I feed it before I milk. Glad for this product."

Very pleased, Wisconsin

"Epic EQ is the only extra supplement I use. I don’t know how it works, but it does. Every horse looks like they are show ready. I think they feel better, too. I love hearing the compliments when I compete."

JK, Texas

"I tried everything to get my hackney pony to put on some weight. I decided to try the wormer and he hasn’t had a problem since. Then I decided I’d treat my other horse that I had on regular wormer. I didn’t think he had worms, but 2 weeks later he passed an incredible amount of parasites!"

W.M., Ohio

"I treated my horse with scratches and a bad hair coat. After one full treatment the hair coat changed drastically and the scratches cleared up."

Thank you, Ohio