Whisper Works Story

It means the world to us, here at Whisper Works, that you have taken your valuable time to learn more about this company and look into our natural ingredient product line. Our heart is to earn your trust and confidence by providing these time-tested blends directly to you, right when they’re needed the most.

The recipes for our products come from a culture that requires folks to live a simple and private life, away from much of our modern conveyances and technology. The Amish rely on their community and family to take care of their needs. Their heritage is one of quality, pride and integrity and has stayed strong through many generations.

It is by this culture that our founder was introduced and allowed to use the “secret family recipes” you’ll find in our products. These specific blends have been used for countless years and have been handed down by teaching and practice. The kind hearts of one specific family saw the need outside the Amish for effective animal care products that were clean and used ingredients straight from the earth.

We, as a society, are far from the days of relying on our horses for survival, but the Amish are completely dependent on animals. The craftsmanship of these recipes are undeniable and they work. They have to!

The Whisper Works team comes from ranching and rodeo backgrounds. They immediately recognized that both the cowboy and Amish communities, and the entire equine community in general, take very seriously the care of their animals, and that we all share the same core values of responsibility, pride and honor. 

Today, some animal pharmaceuticals are showing they are far less effective than they once were. Parasite resistance to chemical class deworming products is a good example of why we need a fresh approach that provides solutions. Through our continuous search for how we can do better by our horses, our motto is, “We don’t want fillers in our feeds and we don’t want products just filling up shelf space”.

We worked hard to create a product line that combines the “animal care wisdom” of two great American heritages; cowboy and Amish. The product line is designed to do more than merely provide a “quick fix” or a “band aid” solution. You also won't find any low-dosed poisons killing parasites. Our approach is to drive them out and then repair the damage. By addressing issues at their source, and supporting the body systems to recover quickly from damage, we see the whole animal functions as it’s designed and can continue in the best of health.

Please allow us the privileged to present, just for you, these optimal animal health products; time-tested recipes, the culmination of generations of genuine, undeniable results.

The secret is out: natural does work!
Whisper Works